2020, for the good?

Remember March 2020 when we all were excited about the 2 weeks vacation?

I guess you’ve figured out what this is gonna be about.When I stumbled upon this opportunity to write a blog, the first topic I could think of was the pandemic! Not so creative but here’s the thing, I like things which are mundane.

The pandemic obviously ruined our daily routines but it also made us appreciate all the little things in life which we barely paid attention to.From meeting our friends everyday, eating street food without a second thought, smiling at strangers and going to college, etc. I’ve realised how important these things are. Honestly, they gave a proper structure to our mono life. On the other hand, waking up late,wondering what the day’s going to be like & that becoming our daily routine was a lot to process. Seriously, each day was very infuriating & challenging.

Thanks to social media for keeping us entertained with stuff like “Dalgona coffee”, it seemed stupid at first but eventually you’ll end up making one.

Despite the fact that social media and technology are a great medium to socialise, but I don’t think virtually the emotions seem as great as they are through the eyes of people we adore. I always tried to romanticise life as it is and enjoy every bit of it but “Chaar diwaari mein insaan kitna hi enjoy karskata hai?”

This lockdown has given people opportunity to explore their potential from starting a small business to mastering culinary skills they tried it all so well. I might be amongst the tiny part of population who did nothing but survive the pandemic which I still consider as an achievement. Even though I didn’t spend much time in enrolling for online courses and enhancing skills, I’ve still managed to learn many things.

I have learnt that it’s okay to live life at your own pace, to appreciate people who check on me despite of my poor socialising skills and I’ve learnt to accept & let things go. As the time flies by I will always cherish the euphoric moments of my life. Nothing was planned and I was just living in the moment. It’s been since forever that I spent my life arbitrarily. There was a zeal in me to plan something and make a better life but now I’m unable to focus on it. At times like these going with the flow would be the right thing to do. I have figured out that being perplexed and not knowing what we want from ourselves or from our life is completely fine and it’s okay. We may not always know what we want but we can reach our goals by avoiding the distractions and unlearning the patterns which restrict us. Slow progress is still a progress. Taking small steps each day can still lead us to our destination. At this point this blog just feels like a rant but heyy!!!  I was told we are free to express so there you go ! Thanks!

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