Quarantine, not a Productivity Contest

As a person who loves adventures, I would much rather choose a nomadic lifestyle over a dweller any time. This view has always put me in a constant puzzle to explore a variety of things, trying to better informed, more productive, which in some stances is not very ideal.

In the beginning of the Quarantine, when I was scrolling through Instagram and Youtube, there were a lot of people talking about how everyone can utilize their Quarantine time to be more productive. I could not help but think of the possibility of how right all of that appeared. I thought I had a lot of things to do, a lot of things I wanted to do and I saw an opportunity in all this free time to put my artistic abilities to proper use. With all these considerations, there also crept in the fear of inadequacy and pressure. Initially, I was all in for the idea, but eventually, it got exhausting. And especially when you are on social media every day, it does not get any smoother scrolling through hashtags of quarantine productivity. The condition swept into being an information overload. It began to seem very scary and felt like there was nothing I could do; it sensed like I was being taken over by all this data, and it was quite overwhelming.

The notion of taking advantage of the moment might be right to a certain extent. I don't necessarily disagree with it, but at times it can be very challenging. It can sometimes become complicated to create something. Particularly during the days of a Pandemic, it is not exactly a picnic staying back home, away from friends and in a few cases from family. There are an ample amount of scenarios everyone is getting to discern, and not all are in a position to take a moment to express creatively. Whether you are a writer, a singer or a person trying to attempt new hobbies, anything; if you do not have the right motivation to drive you along, the productivity pressure can be very discouraging.

Productivity is not necessarily something that comes with an immediate reward. For me, even sleeping is productive, yes, it may not be producing content, it might not be generating inventions or money, but it will provide good health. It may not be an immediate result-oriented activity, but if it involves your efforts to being a better individual, then it is considered productive. Pressingly, in my opinion, productivity is not a competition; it is a personal choice. If you stumble upon an individual on social media who is productive, hither you have two options you can choose from: one is that you can try to do the same or you may decide not to. Both are okay. There is no wrong option.

The notion of productivity during quarantine is becoming such a thing maybe for the reason that people think if we be productive now, we may be able to catch the wave later. We all need to understand that the outside world is unpredictable and always running around with an Intension of accomplishment may not necessarily prove to be useful on a person. In under such pressures, most of us may tend to slip into the clutches of stress, anxiety and depression. Remember, you are not a machine. Let’s stop idealising the concept of producing something all the time. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Take a deep breathe and relax.

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